Monday, May 6, 2019

HliAT #32: just barely making it

How long it actually Takes to...

okay, this is a weird one...
it's like a Yes/No HliAT: SPECIAL EDITION;
the question being 

can you make the 7:45am yoga class here
when you decide, sitting @ home at 7:19am, 
--which is a 3.0 mile, "mostly flat" bike ride to that studio per Google maps--
that you'd like to?

the answer being

yes. And it's not even stressful or 'nuts' or anything.

The slightly longer answer is: yes, just bike pretty fast. Not crazy fast! Just not in the super-chill way that you generally bike. You got there at 7:43am, which was fine.

Here's the much longer answer: this is relevant to ongoing efforts to just...make things take less time. Like generally, realistically, it seems that a one-hour workout that's a 20-minute bike ride from my house takes 2.5 hours out of my day. That's too much! I definitely don't dawdle; I also definitely know that I lose time on the front-end if I'm doing a workout at 9:15am and I reach a break-point in writing at 8:07am, it's pretty hard to get back into it because I know there's this hard stop coming up; things like that add time to something that already takes too much time.

I think I'm going on and on about this because this was a little bit liberating; yeah f*ck*t let's go to that class [THROW STUFF TOGETHER] gogogogogo [BIKE FAST BIKE FAST LOCK UP BIKE TEAR OFF OUTER LAYERS] hi hey here for the 745 [SIGNUP ON LITTLE SCREEN; INTO ROOM MAT DOWN] o damn hafta pee [GO PEE BACK @ MAT JUST AS CLASS STARTS] is not...that is not my like optimum workout experience. But also, it was fine! It was not stressful. And it was.... well okay let's think it through. If I'd been ten minutes earlier, I'd have been happy. So if I'd left at-- yeah okay the thing is I've done this calculation before, and it's what gets us to 2.5 hours. What I was going to say in that last sentence was "so if I'd left at 7:15, meaning starting to get ready at idk say 7, it would've been fine"; and that's what I'd already figured out -- that 45 minutes before a workout that's a 20-minute bike-ride away is right. Which is exactly what gets us to the...okay it's probably more like 2h15m all-in, which is less bad. But I also guess this example isn't liberating, it's not liberating, or maybe 'liberating' in the sense of realizing that yeah: things take about as long as you think they do, if you've thought them through and tracked their constituent elements and all that.

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