Sunday, March 15, 2015

HliAT, #3

How long it actually takes to...

walk from a spot kinda just outside my apartment complex to the neighborhood restaurant where I'm meeting my sister, after texting her that I'll be "There in five": 7 minutes, 51.57 seconds

bonus: In casual conversation, I would probably describe this restaurant as "2 minutes away" from my house

Monday, March 9, 2015

Cooking an Egg Sandwich

Oh hey. Hey what's up.
Get out of here, cat.
Hey what's-
Get out of here. This isn't for you.
That's cool! I'm just chilling. Geez. Dude can't just chill.
Oh! What's the-
You're on top of the food. Move.
Sure, sure thing. No problem.
...You didn't move.
What? Oh right. Right right, sorry.
Okay now you're literally more on top of the food.
Maybe- you know what, what if I just ate this? Maybe that'd be simpler? It seems to be getting in the-

(Cat arcs softly through air, lands easily, pads away like "hey what's up, just chilling." Lopes around apartment a little. Makes its way back to kitchen.)

Oh hey. Hey what's up.