Tuesday, December 1, 2015

HliAT #11: Cat Litter/Grapes, on foot

How Long It Actually Takes To...

walk from my friends C & C's house to their local CVS on Lincoln, ~0.3 miles per Google but really less because Google doesn't know about cutting through parking lots, get cat litter at CVS, dawdle for ~1 min thinking if I need anything else, stop at Whole Foods in the same complex on the way back and picking up some grapes, also dawdling I dunno 1-2 mins to poke at samples (not POKE at them, I'm not gross; you know what I mean), walk back to C & C's: 12:53.68  

This one amazes me. That's nothing! No time at all! HliAT taketh away, but HliAT giveth, as well. Or the other way--you get it.