Tuesday, June 9, 2015

HliAT, #4

How Long it Actually Takes to...

go from your apartment down 1 flight of stairs quick pick something up in the car then walk out front to where your friend is waiting in her car: 8 minutes

Expected time: 2 minutes


anonymized to protect the innocent. thank you for keeping me honest.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Spaceship Crash Dream. June 3, 2015.

i wake up in a space ship that is going down.

i've woken up when "the thing's about to happen", although it's unclear what that is. 

it's strange that i've been sleeping -- that i consciously was like "may as well sleep for these 3-4 hours, before the thing happens" -- because 'the thing' is a landing of some kind in which i may well die.

the spaceship chamber has a broad window towards my head. a bed in which i am laying along the right wall, with disordered covers. an area at the back that is kind of locker/do-things-here ish, with maybe a red toplight, though there is no locker.

the chamber is cold; earlier i'd rolled down the covers, hot, and now i'm cold. and i'm worried that that is because the capsule is failing or is otherwise indicative of something going wrong, of the way i will die.

it is one of those fears that you'd like to discount as essentially 0% chance of happening -- it's only a dream; it really almost certainly won't happen -- but in fact i know in this case that is wrong, that there is a reasonably good chance that i will die in this landing and there's nothing i can do and i am terrified.

there is land -- red, craggy, like NASA pictures of Mars -- racing past beneath and in front of us, looming closer (there are now more windows) and i wonder if i should have on my suit and i don't really know what the land is, and if we're supposed to be coming in that quickly, and in my brain i literally scream the words,  "what is that? WHAT IS THAT?"

later, in Santa Monica, I see an attractive woman who looks like my friend from high school, L---, biking up a hill as I sit in a hotel parking lot; i assume that it's probably not her. then I see C----, another friend from high school and L's recent husband, doing the same. i call his name, and he waits and stops, happy, and we begin walking downhill; he says something about how "he says he's here and everyone says" and i respond with something general about how nice and perfect it is in California so that's why they say that, which feels like i may have missed the point of what he was saying. 

we're walking downhill, and L has biked ahead. i don't mind at all that they didn't look me up, though i knew they were in town from social media, and they must know i live here. it's nice to see C, and maybe i'll get to say "hi" to L soon, as well, and it's pretty as we walk down a hill towards the rocky, curved coast.