Saturday, July 25, 2015

HliAT #8

How Long It Actually Takes to...

switch my monitor on its bracket from Landscape to Portrait orientation, meaning: get screwdriver, unscrew 4 screws, reposition monitor (holding it up), rescrew 4 screws, put screwdriver away04:36.00

This is definitely to file under "things I'd overestimate because they seem fussy." I'd've guessed this'd take 4 times as long as this. But it was simple.

counterpoint: installing the second monitor on the same set of brackets, later that night, took almost 2 hours not because of technical issues but because of a dumb stubborness on my part about checking the ONE THING that would've solved a problem I was having ten minutes in... that is dumb, but is how long THAT thing took, which is perhaps why I'd tend to so overestimate stuff like the subject of this HLiaT. "Something always go wrong."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

HliAT #7

How Long It Actually Takes to...

"put the surfboard back," i.e.,: reposition the car, unstrap the board from the room, throw any towels or whatever in the car, throw the strap in the car, reposition the board in the first then the second hanging loop (where it's stored, hanging, in the carpot), put the stick that I use to help with that part back, tidy the back of the hatch a bit: 03:55.60

This one's interesting; another underestimation! I'd've guessed five minutes, and--in so guessing--said to myself "that's way too little." The lesson here's simple: I really dislike futzy things with lots of little business and locking and unlocking and latching and unlatching, and possibly tend to overestimate them.

Sunday, July 12, 2015

HLiaT: #6

biking vs. driving from home to yoga

How Long it Actually Takes To...

set up the darn bike, because it's locked behind the car and you have to get it out and get the keys out of the car and maneuver this that and the other thing so the whole thing takes: 3:57.34

[recap: HLiaT #5]  bike, from the moment you are seated on your bike, all set, to the moment you've locked your bike at Maha Yoga: 08:48.99

bike, from my apartment to Maha Yoga, total (adding ~30 seconds for walk from bike rack, which is right by the studio): 13:17.33


How Long it Actually Takes To...

drive, from my carport to Maha: 4:27.65

walk from a representative parking spot to the studio (further than the bike rack): 02:17.12

drive from home to Maha: 06:44.77

All righty then. Looking at this, seems like biking is worth it unless I'm really cutting it close.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

HliAT, #5

How Long it Actually Takes To...

bike--from the moment you are seated on your bike, all set (it takes a couple minutes to get to this moment - that's for another HliAT)--to the moment you've locked your bike at Maha Yoga: 08:48.99

FIRST EVER HliAT UNDERESTIMATION. Google Maps says the ride alone should take 9 minutes. Yes!