Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hardest Punch to Date

Sparring today, I got hit with what I think was probably the hardest punch I've ever received . It wasn't very hard; for anyone who's fought or boxed much it'd probably have been nothing. But I still feel it in my jaw.

I was sparring with J---- at the Thai Boxing Institute, and he was pressing on me because I wasn't using any kicks or movement to keep him back. I did manage to catch him with an occasional jab, and then at one point with a legitimate cross. Which he took -- rightly, and I was glad he did -- as license to go for me more, and came on with a flurry that I didn't know how to protect from. I leaned back (rather than down: instead of nestling low and behind my gloves I tipped up and made my chin/jaw a targer) and took a bunch of small hits. Then, this shot  just dazzled my jaw and concentration, made me flash on a fight I'd been watching before practice of of some guy made out of muscle and shins losing his legs and falling down after a clean shot to the jaw.

We fought on and it was great, although coach certainly saw my wobble. I feel it on my left jaw, which is odd because I'm almost 100% sure this hit came on the right. I'm awful at Muay Thai.