Thursday, February 9, 2012

Matchsticks (2)

Okay honestly, I thought I had a lot more of these. Sorry.

Let's make the most of it!


In fact, I totally remember this. I've been to this place - or the branch of it in midtown Manhattan - a few times. This time, I'm deciding, was in 2004. My drama school classmates and I, after our ultimately fruitless "showcase" for NYC agents and casting directors (I got, I think, one desultory semi-interested call that went nowhere) needed a nice place to celebrate (if that's the right word). I believe I was actually instrumental in suggesting the location; it was a little pricey and upscale, but people were ready to indulge and it worked. My main memory is of my red-haired friend D. enjoy the sort-of-sophistication, and then my friend B.C. getting scarily, passing-out outside drunk. After that actually happened - she was standing on the little landing outside the place, and she passed out for a second, eyes rolling back in her head - I took her back to her hotel and passed her off to her mom, who seemed grateful, but also like she had the situation very firmly in hand and my presence was no longer required (not unfriendly at all, just: my work was done).

Bar Eclipse

Okay, so there is one of these in Rio de Janeiro (I cheated: internets). Its logo is similar to this one if want it to be. And I have been to Rio, so let's go with that. I suspect this is actually a mis-identification, that these matches are from somewhere else entirely perhaps in Manhattan or ANYWAY I WAS IN RIO in the summer of 2001. My friend F. - God rest his soul, I love and miss you, brother - had taken a few of us on a trip: his father was generously hosting us in Rio and Sao Paolo (where he'd recently moved for work). And we did spend a couple of nights going out, perhaps to Bar Eclipse (there is no way these matches came from here). I remember vague kind of open-air clubs, almost tents in lots with protective covering above, white plastic or fabric; dance-floor and music and crowds no claustrophobia; drinking a ton: resolving to a routine of 2 glasses of water to 1 drink, and waking up amazed the following morning without a hangover. I did not make out with any girls. I was semi-kinda starting to date someone at the time so this was I suppose ostensibly a good thing, but let's be honest: it was pretty disappointing to spend like 3 weeks in Brazil on holiday right after graduating college and not make out with any girls.