Monday, November 2, 2015

G#d, or Something

A few days ago I was running Temescal Canyon, a popular hike and wonderful trail run in the Pacific Palisades. It's pretty steep, and some sections are skiddy, with loose rocky scree and larger "real" rocks sticking up from the ground.

I was coming down, going fast (for me!); I was minding both my left calf--which cramped for a full week recently, when I pushed too hard on an interval run--and my left adductor, which has been inflamed and painful since June.

So: running fast, minding calf minding adductor but feeling good running CHOCK

My toe caught on one of the "real" rocks, sending all my weight forward in what I was sure was gonna be a pretty unpleasant forward slide; I caught myself first on the left leg, the problematic leg, pulled harder on that leg than I wanted or meant to but my body really did not want to skid chest and face first down this trail, which I mean: fair enough. I ran/fell/stumbled I'd say seven or eight feet (felt like twenty, of course) with my torso way out in front of my legs, my legs pumping to catch up downhill on this scattering rocky slope

and caught up to myself; pulled up, and was running again.

Jack Johnson's "Bubble Toes" was playing in my ears--if you know the song, you'll know it's upbeat acoustic pop with a "La da Da da DAH duh" refrain that's well earned; that refrain came on as I righted myself, and I sang it loud loud loud, and a couple of women coming up the trail I was hurtling down appeared around the corner and we all had a good smile at how stupid I was, hollering, as they parted and I ran between them.

I'm not someone who was raised to sync with, or has gravitated towards, any codified/organized system of religious or spiritual thought. But all of this is to say: there are some situations--healthy enough to be running; these incredible trails and mountains to run in; almost a nasty fall that turns thrilling; "bad" leg catching me and feeling just fine--that I have absolutely no response to but thank you, thank you.

thank you.