Tuesday, May 24, 2016

HliAT #14: Picking Up [That Thing] From the Supermarket

How Long It Actually Takes To...

walk from the corner of Barrington and the little side-street that jukes to Whole Foods, do a circumnavigation of WF, including snagging sample cherries, snagging nuts, perusing hot bar (no samples taken), picking up cat food, paying for cat food, and arriving back at approximate location where I deviated from the path that would have taken me directly to the cafe towards which I was walking, to work: 06:08.07

HliAT is, rightly, frequently a lesson in how stupid-unrealistic we are (with "we", yes, I am tarring you, Reader, with the same brush of magical thinking that I evidence here). That's probably the bigger truth. But I, at least, often overestimate -- particularly when I am measuring time against work, i.e, "how much time will this take from this work session I've planned?"

In this case, picking up this cat food was a no-brainer. It was an errand that had to happen, conveniently and easily done; and I probably could have done it in half this time, or at least much less, without the wandering circle of Whole Foods, etc. (I'd been away for 2 weeks, and it was reassuring and cozy to rehearse this routine).

So there it is, friends: just pick up the cat food, and be efficient about it. You won't lose that much time.

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